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Oyster Intensive Processing Project
 一、资源情况Resources Status
Rushan, known as “Oyster Capital of China”, is the first city referring to oyster farming in northern China, with the current oyster farming area of approximately 5,500 hectares, the annual output of 300,000 tons and annual sales revenue value of RMB1.8 billion. There are more than 10,000 local residents engaging in the oyster farming industry. The oysters here are provided with many unique characteristics, such as large in size, fleshy in shape, smooth to eat, succulent etc., and contain more trace element of zinc, iron and selenium than the ones in other places. Thus, Rushan Oyster is  honored as one of “Three Treasures of Rushan”,  approved by national geographic trademark authority. The main products include fresh oysters, IQF frozen oysters, semi - shell oysters, canned oysters and oysters health supplement etc.
二、项目建设内容Project Construction 
Oyster intensive processing project is to be promoted by means of sole investment, joint venture or cooperation to develop the oyster products fields such as canned oysters, oysters sauce, oysters nutrient solution, oysters medicine and oysters health supplement, oyster shell processing products etc.

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